Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does your service cost?

Well, that's a good question, yet difficult to pin down an exact answer.

Generally, our Bronze package which includes the purchase of lights, install, takedown and storage starts at $700.00. Our Silver and Gold packages can certainly make your home or business a festive showcase!

2. Do we rent the lights, lease it or do we own it?

Our customers purchase the lights and in many cases less than if they would have leased them. We offer high quality, festive and unique lights which our customers enjoy the tradition of seeing them on their home or business year after year.

3. Do you take the lights down at the end of the season?

Yes. Taking down the displays is part of our service, and it�s included in the quote we provide for you. We begin taking lights down on January 2nd and continue to do so through the third week of January. We will remove all of the lights and materials that have been used for your display, and carefully put them away in storage bins for next year.

4. Will you install lights that we already own?

No, we cannot guarantee the quality or workmanship of lights we do not provide.

5. Do you store the lights?

Yes. We offer year round storage, so you don't need to fill your attic or garage with additional stuff. We�ll keep your lights organized, in good condition and ready for the next holiday season.

6. Do I need to be home for the service?

In most cases the customer does not need to be home for the installation, maintenance, or take down. However, you must be home to receive a bid proposal.

7. Is your work guaranteed?

You bet! Our success depends on your satisfaction. Our qualified installers are trained to take all of the necessary measures to prevent any problems with your lights. However, if you do have a problem with your display, we�ll correct it promptly.

"The Christmas lights are absolutely beautiful. We often drive slowly into our own driveway so we can enjoy the display."